Monday, September 13, 2010

Overcoming Monday Blahs

The past ten days were such memorable days here.  Last Friday my parents came for the long weekend!  It's always an extra treat to have family visit!  The boys look with total anticipation out the window to see if they're here yet! What fun memories. 

Saturday, my friend Tara and her four daughters came too.  They planned to stay for a week.  The house was very full!  My parents stayed in Jordan and Titus' room;  Tara and her girls stayed in Silas and Luke's room and all the boys stayed in the big bedroom.  Sunday morning wasn't too bad either, with all 17 of us getting ready and out the door by 9am. 

Monday we had our Pastor and family over for a picnic.  What fun!  We ate, played a competitive game of softball (we ALL played!,, well, all except the younger kiddos), played Apples to Apples, Spoons, the couch game, ate dessert, cooked marshmallows by the fire and laughed and talked lots.  The kids got along so well together. 

Tuesday began our "normal" routine with four more students being schooled.  Tara taught her girls at the kitchen table.  That's Hunter's normal spot so he got quickly invaded by females.  I chuckled inside each time I saw him.  It was actually a new thing for all the boys.  Just seeing the dolls coming into the house was a new thing.  We don't have and never have had a doll in our house (of our own).  Hair ribbons, hair bands, braids, giggles, princesses, pinks, frills, polka dots, etc were quickly ushered into the boy's world.  They gave it right back to the girls.  Each night we played a game together, either softball or kickball and the boys showed no mercy just because they were a girl!  Molly and Gabby quickly learned to run as fast as you can  as soon as you hit the ball!!! :)  

I also had tons of fun being with Tara and the girls.  Tara is a friend that I feel totally comfortable with and we have so much in common.  She helped me knit my first bootie, set up an Ebay account,  our meals were cooked together, clothes hung on the line together, grocery shopped together, and laughed together!  

Saturday morning, our company all left.  I quickly jumped into preparing for a young married Sunday school class activity that was to happen that evening here.  They were doing a progressive dinner and we were the first stop.  I spent most of the day cleaning, setting up and cooking and arranging the foods.  I love doing that! 

Sunday was our normal busy church day.  Today I woke up with the "day after Christmas feeling".  I was sad that we were back to our normal schedule with no extra fun going on!!!  So I quickly jumped into getting some food from the garden and canning it.  I did some tomatoes, made more grape juice, picked the beans and calendula to dry.  I had a cherry chat with my sister on the phone and a cup of tea on the patio with Mark.   Of course, I also did 12 loads of laundry!   No more pity party,, life goes on.  I remember the saying that was given to my Mother in law.  

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened! 

Thankyou Lord for the friends and family you give and the memories we made!


  1. You are so right about that quote Tammy. I totally hear what you are saying! We just had Caleb here with us for a week before he went to ALERT (today was his first day!) It has been sad to have him gone, but I am so grateful that he could be here in the first place :-)

  2. I don't know how you do it all!! You always have loads of fun, though. I can't imagine you with a house that isn't always full!
    Glad to see you back blogging again, too. Missed it!

  3. Oh, Tammy. It was so nice reading your blog today. I had to wipe back my tears as they were blurring my vision as I read your words. Truly a delight! I wish I had such a knack for writing. I love your positive spirit and you are such an encouragement to me! It was a blessing also to spend time with your mom and dad. Your mother is so sweet. Thanks for being my friend.