Thursday, September 16, 2010

Birthday Gifts

Today was a perfect day to sew!  It was rainy outside (I wasn't tempted to go work in the yard) and Mark had to stay out late so I didn't have to make a "real" supper.  He went right from window washing to a parent/teacher night at school. 

I had all my supplies to make the Ward's Birthday gifts.  (Tonya, if you don't want to see the gifts,, you better stop looking now!)  Violet, Levi and Lily all have Birthday this time of year so I've been planning what to make them. 
The boys helped me pick out fabric and I made them each a pillowcase.

This one is Violet's pillowcase.

This one is Levi's pillowcase.

This one is Lily's pillowcase.

I saw a pattern for a bag that is in the shape of an owl.  Since Violet's pillowcase fabric had owls on it, I decided to make her a bag too.  I can picture her carrying her goodies to homeschoolers with it.  Her church has a great homeschooling program once a week and she loves going and being with her other homeschooled friends.

I simply loved making this bag!  It was so much fun!!
Happy Birthday my sweet nieces and nephew!


  1. Um, did you actually expect me not to look? :) They are great!! The kids will LOVE them! You are so talented!!!

  2. Yes, I did!! :) (weeelllll, actually.........) :)

  3. Tammy, I love the bag . How to make it ? is it hard?
    I am praying for God's will . I will make the pillowcases , bag and etc.. for craft fair next year . :)
    Tara is so good to teach you the booties . It is real cute!!!!
    I am trying to be patient grandmother !!! ha :)
    Take care of yourself ! May God bless you ! Your friend, Leigh

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