Monday, September 27, 2010


Our family has never been into big, extravagant  trips.  Family vacations are usually times of visiting family that live far away.
One outing we've been doing for years, is our trip to Knoebels.  We love that place!  It's great, you don't have to pay to get in. You can buy tickets or a bracelet and ride all day but if you don't want to ride, you can enjoy your day and not spend anything!

Luke, Jordan, Brendan, Silas and Hunter

Tim and Silas

   The park is gorgeous.  The whole time I'm there, I just look around and love seeing the gardening and feel the coziness of the big trees all around us.  There's a stream that runs through the middle of the park so the bridges add to the fun!

Levi and Titus

We started going when Luke was a baby.  The older boys have gone from the thrill of the spinning balloons to the Fandango and rollercoasters! 
I remember Brendan not being able to pedal the cars with his arms and crying half way through.  Now Titus flies through that ride. 

Violet, Levi, girl, Tim, boy

We always had a baby to tend, diapers to change, nursings to be given and strollers to lug around.  Gone are those days. 

Addan, Titus and Levi

This past trip was one of the best ones!  All of the boys could go on different rides together.  Hunter, Silas and Luke could be together and go on rides.  Jordan and Brendan went on rollercoasters with Aunt Ruthie again and again.  Mark and I went to the smaller rides with Tim, Addan and Titus.  We also met with the Wards and my parents!  What fun!  Titus loved going on rides with Levi .

Violet wanted so badly to go on the "cat" rollercoaster.  It was a smaller one in the kiddie rides.  She and Tim went on it together.  It was alittle bit much for them but they got to share their first rollercoaster experience together!  What fun memories with cousins!!!
My Dad just loves the bumper cars!  The ones at Knoebels are one of the best bumper cars!  You can fly and ram people so hard!  My Dad likes to talk the whole time in line so he gets everyone riled up against us.  Of course, there were 10 of us together and about 15 other riders so it's always a great ride together!
It's a long day but so worth all the great memories together!!

We all went on the Flume together.  It's the ride you sit on the log and go through water trails and down a big drop and get wet at the end.   Titus went with Jordan.  I wasn't to sure how he'd like the drop on the end.  He laughed and laughed the whole time!  He sat behind Jordan with his arms tightly around his waist.  It was so cute.  I sat in the log behind them with Luke, Mark and Tim.  As soon as it was over, Titus exclaimed he wanted to go again and again.  They did go one more time.  Titus wanted to then go on the rollercoasters with Jordan.  I think he would of loved that too but we decided to save some bigger rides til he's bigger :)
What a fun day together!
Tonya, Shawn
Jordan and Brendan


  1. That day was SO much fun! And it is such a BEAUTIFUL place! I didn't remember all the pretty landscaping from when we went before, but I sure noticed it this time! I think my kids will treasure the memories from that day as one of their favorites!

  2. That last picture cracked me up!!! They're so funny. It sounds like you guys had a great day. It's definitely the best park we've been to, yet. It's going to become a yearly thing with us, too.