Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fun Thursday

This morning the boys went out and gathered the grapes for me.  Just going out and watching them was fun.  I strolled around the yard, enjoying the chickens and seeing everything growing.  I find the yard so peaceful.   

The grapes smelt so yummy hanging there.  When I was a kid,  my favorite flavor for candy was grape and it smelt like that.

After they picked most of them,  Silas, Tim and Addan helped me pluck the first batch.  We sat on the kitchen floor, chattering together as we worked.  Such fun memories!

Once the first batch was steaming, I did school with Addan.  He's doing so much better this year with school.  He just didn't seem to get it last year and this year it seems attainable for him.  What a joy sitting next time him,  hearing him talk things out as he tries to remember things. 

We got the second batch steaming.  Tim and Addan helped again with the plucking.    After we were done with this batch, and it was steaming, I began the pillow case project.  I had about 18 cut out and stacked by the sewing machine.  I realized I only have 4 weeks to get these things done!  Yikes!  This coming week, I'll have company so I doubt I'll be getting much sewing done so I jumped in today while the grapes steamed away.  Man, did that steam smell soooo good!  So awesome of our Creator to give us so wonderful senses!

By the time I had to start supper, I had almost all  the pillowcases done and 2 batches of jelly done and 6 quarts of grape juice done.  Yippee!  Now, the keep the grape juice for at least 2 days will be a challenge.  All morning I was asked when the grape juice was going to be done.  Guess they could smell it too! :)

I have 3 more cut out to finish (I wasn't allowing myself to cut anymore out until these were done!!) and hope to get them done tomorrow morning.  Then I can start cleaning the house for the fun company coming!  My Dad and Mom are coming tomorrow and then my friend from ME is coming with her 4 girls on Saturday and staying  for the week!  She's my knitting teacher so I'm going to try and learn a ton while she's here!!!  They're two of my closest friends so it's going to be super fun for me!  God's so good!


  1. Wow! Look at all the pillowcases! They are sooo nice!! Mom showed me the ones you made her and they are soo pretty and so nicely made!!
    NOTHING in all the world like the smell of fresh concord grapes!! So nice that you have them just growing wild like that!
    Have a fun time with all those girls!!! You deserve it!! :)