Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yesterday was our "rushed" day.  The boys have piano lessons and I get our groceries.  We rush home, unload and put the groceries away. 
I have to prepare a quick meal (unless I've been real efficient and have the crockpot going but that rarely happens on a Wednesday!). 
I had one of my favorite meals planned for yesterday, I was very excited about it.  It was a boiled dinner with keilbasa.  Oh, how I love that!  Yummy carrots, potatoes, onions and my favorite, cabbage!  I was so looking forward to it!  Just the smells of it cooking are yummy!
There was only one bummer, we were out of horseradish.  I love dipping my keilbasa in it. 
I came up with a plan.  I sent Jordan and Hunter out to the garden to pull up some. 

 After the first attempt (a swiss chard root was brought in and it was such a disappointment with NO flavor or strong smell), a bunch of roots were brought in.  We tried grating by hand with the King Kutter but that was a failed attempt.

The heavy duty blender had to be pulled off the shelf.  I was leary as it's part of my bread machine and was a big investment for us.  I was afraid the hard root might be too much for the blender. 
Jordan peeled the roots and dropped them in.  We turned it on and it worked. 
I laughed and laughed as Jordan and Hunter lifted the lid and started to instantly cough and cry!  The strong smell is enough to instantly burn your nose hairs!

The boys were successful and my meal was made complete with horseradish yumminess!!


  1. I want to make some, too! I forgot we have some. Do you store yours in vinegar after it's grated? I love home-made; it seems to have more taste.

  2. Jordan put vinegar in while he was blending it to give it a little juice as it was clogging up without some liquid. Just a couple tablespoons so you can hardly taste the vinegar. It tastes so much better fresh,, makes your eyes water, it's so good!!! :)