Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guitar Lesson

This summer I saw an ad in the paper for guitar lessons.  I was super excited and called the number.  It seemed like a good possibility and called again recently to arrange for the first lesson.  Today was the day.  We all loaded up and headed out.  While traveling down the main road that's off our road, I noticed a real pretty cat in the road.  It was walking into a yard.  I looked to the left at the yard where the cat  was headed and noticed a lady holding a baby .  She looked so cozy, snuggling with baby wrapped in blankets in her arms.  All the sudden, the lady's face changed to horror and I felt and heard it.  Thump, thump.  The boys all shouted, "Dumb CAT!!!"  It ran from the safety of the yard, right into the line of the van tires.  There was no avoiding it as it was on a knoll and I didn't dare risk turning into the oncoming traffic side with not being able to see what was coming over the knoll.  I felt so terrible!!  My heart just started to hurt and stomach felt like it was in knots.  That was the first time I've ever hit something big like that (although I did hit one of our guinneas before!).

We found the piano teacher's house.  I left Jordan and Brendan with the man (because I had never met him, I didn't feel comfortable just leaving Jordan so left them both).  I ran to the store and got Tim a pair of sneakers and then headed back to pick them up. 
I could tell the look on Brendan's face that it wasn't good.  I love how they're so sensitive about things.  I whispered to him, "How was it?" while the man talked to Jordan.  Brendan gave a scowl look like he'd tell me the news when we got outside.  Ut-oh!
We loaded up and headed out.  I asked Jordan how it was.  He replied,  "He was in a rock band and can't teach me the style I want."  Bummer!    I asked Jordan if he felt comfortable with him, and he said it was ok but he knew that's not what he wanted. The teacher was able to show him a few more techniques but Jordan knew the long term goal wouldn't be achieved.   I just love how I can trust his decision and let him decide what's best for him and his walk with the Lord! 
So onto the search for a guitar teacher! 

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