Thursday, April 29, 2010

They're Out!

Due to cramped quarters and horrific odors, the peeps are now outside!  YIPPEEE!  

Miss Duck's lovely, spacious, quiet home has now been invaded with 20 loud, mess-making friends!  What a gracious hostess Miss Duck has been.  

Although, I think at times, Miss Duck enjoys the company and the extra food in her home, despite the racket she makes when the little fellas walk past.

She even has a new furnace (heat light turned on at night) to keep her tail feathers warm.  The humans even cover the home up with blankets when the temperature drops below freezing at night (the last 2 nights!!).  

All in all,  we think Miss Duck is happy with her new arrangements and leaves the morning feeders a lovely egg to show her appreciation!

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