Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny Farm

Some days I really feel like I live on a "funny farm"!  Life with animals and boys can be interesting!  
Tim has peeps,, 20 of them.  We moved them out to the front porch with their light because they were starting to  have a not to lovely odor and were getting TOO dusty!  (They scratch and dust flies all over the place!)
About 3 days ago, we heard one peep squawking rather loudly!!  We went out and checked what her issue was.  All the other peeps were pecking it's tail feathers until there was a bloody spot so they were pecking that too. (Chickens are cannibalistic and will peck eachother to death.)  So Tim and I got a cardboard box and put this poor peep in the house behind the woodstove in her box.  She got to like perching on the edge of the box.  Soon, that wasn't enough.  We found her little "evidences" that she was walking away from her box.

This morning was it, she's going out to be with her peers, bloody tail feathers or not!  She was peeping rather loudly in the kitchen, following us around!

Tim grabbed her and put her out.  Her peers didn't seem to peck her too much.  We moved them all into the movable coop with Miss Duck so they have more room to flap their little wings and get some sun!  So cute seeing them running around, flapping wildly!   Every morning seems to be something interesting with the boys and their animals!  I love our life!  Such fun memories!

Notice the light behind the stove.  That is her box and light to keep her warm.  Although, we've had the woodstove going each morning and she seemed to really like perching up right close to it!

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