Friday, April 30, 2010

Shoe Blessing

Ruthie's (my sister) wedding if quickly approaching!  She asked if Tim would be the ring bearer.  Tim is very shy and declined very quickly!  He instantly got the "deer in the head lights" look.  So Addan was the next choice.  I asked him how he felt about it and he was excited to be in it and walk with his cousin Violet.  (Funny, how the boys have such different personalities!)
Violet is wearing a frilly, beautiful green dress.  So we began our search for a little vest and dress suit set.  We did green for our Easter outfits, so Addan has a nice green dress shirt.  This Wednesday, while doing our weekly grocery trip,  we found a perfect little vest/shirt/pant set for Addan.  He's been so excited about it!  We'll take the green and white shirts to see which one goes better with Violet's dress.  So all's we had left to find were black dress shoes.  

Today I went to the first yard sale of the season.  I just love yard sales!  I know in my head what we "need" and what clothes the boys "need".  I was looking through a boy's table and there on the table were the only pair of shoes I saw.  Addan's size and not too worn.  Perfect,  shoes for the wedding! (Only 25 cents too!)
When I walked in the door with my treasures, I said to Addan, "Come see!  God gave you the perfect pair of shoes for the wedding and He knew your size too!"  A huge smile came across Addan's face as I held up the shoes to the bottom of his feet to size them.  God is sooo good to us!  These little blessings are so personal and shows me every day how much He cares for the little things in my life.  What a sweet friend He is!

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