Monday, April 5, 2010

Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection Sunday is such a fun day for us!  It's always been a huge deal in my family growing up.  Yummy meal, family together, egg hunt after for the kids, church meetings, walk on the beach, egg game and laughter.  Since I've gotten married, our family tradition has become going to my Aunt Rosie's house in CT.  We try to go there every other year.  What fun memories I have being there with family.  This year was our year to be home.  It's always nice to be home too and create memories with our church family.  Of course, it alittle different but still very memorable.
This year, our Pastor's family invited us over Sunday afternoon.  What a treat!  I love especially being with Ellie (our Pastor's wife).  We have alot of the same personality and she's a no fuss type person,  very loving yet very blunt.  I feel like I'm with a sister when we're together.  
So we brought some of our traditions to their house.  The egg game (a game we've done since I can remember,, I remember my two Grandfathers playing and laughing together.  This didn't happen to often as my one Grandfather only spoke Russian so communication was limited.), antipasta salad, and yummy desserts were some we shared with our church family.  The kids had tons of fun playing outside on the beautiful day!  The evening church meeting  was the last fun shared together with friends.  Silas and Luke were baptized at the end of the meeting.  Pastor gave Mark the option to baptize them and the boys wanted their Dad to baptize them!  What a treat and honor!  What a great way to remember the Lord's resurrection,, watching your two sons get baptized!  Such a vivid picture of the His resurrection!  Great day and memories together!

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