Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fowl Morning

Fun morning!  I went out to feed the duck and this goose was in the pond.  

Of course, as I snuck up and took her picture, she flew off.  Such a pretty sight seeing her in the pond though.  She's been out there every morning for the last week.

Here's Mrs Duck eating her breakfast.  Notice her egg laying there.  There were actually two in her pen but the other one was farther up in the coop. 
I love looking out the kitchen window and see her little head peeking over that board at me.  Always makes me smile!

Of course, there were the weirdo guinneas right near by in the strawberry patch.  Such strange birds,, running around chasing eachother every day!

And this hen,, she keeps forgetting to go in the coop at night.  Hunter's been letting his chickens out each day (only until I get my gardens seeded,, then their freedom is banned!!!) but  every morning she's already  freely walking about, strutting to her sisters that she's NOT in the pen!    Such a fun morning,, going out and seeing God's creation.  What peace and contentment it brings! 

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