Monday, April 19, 2010

Sprouted Beans

I've got two friends that are encouraging me to eat healthy, garden and be efficient housewives.  We all are getting seeds together,, comparing gardens.  We each just got chicks and share stories about our baby birds.  We're all trying to feed our families healthy while living tightly.  It's been such an encouragement to do this with them!  
Last week we had our "lesson" on sprouting.  I tried it!  It was fun!  I tried mung beans, lentils and navy beans.  For some reason, the navy beans didn't sprout, just got real stinky!  Today they were big enough to eat.  Yippee!  I added them to our supper.  

These are the lentils.  Probably once a week, some times twice, I do a two pot meal.  It would be like a stir fry.  Either I serve it on brown rice or egg noodles.  Our family was given a freezer full of venison so I added that to our meal tonight.  It's venison sausage so it adds some spice too.  I also use chicken breast too (half a bag so it cost $3).   I try to make our meals healthy and not too expensive.  My goal is to have our whole supper not be over $10, which is very hard!!!  Some week I want to journal all our meals and show the cost.  Our family budget for groceries and household expenses is between $150-200.  So I'd like to journal and share all the meals we eat for that price.  

Here's the finished pot of food.  This will serve us all one full plate, Mark's lunch and that's it.  So, I'll have a bowl of peaches or some other small thing to go with it.  Happy tummies,, that's my goal!

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