Monday, April 5, 2010

A Feel Good Day

Today is one of those days that I feel like I got alot done.  I love days like that!  I've been wanting to change our bedroom around and thought I'd have to wait until summer to have a full day to do it.  Today was a light day of school (the older boys went and did windows with Mark as he didn't have school today) so the younger ones just did school.   
Mark's side of the bed was where my dresser now is.  It was on the other side but I like being on the inside of the room.  (Weird childhood hang up, if an intruder came in, I want to be farther away from him/it!!)   Mark has his "stuff" in an armoire and I want to move that out and put it where my dresser was and set a table up there to work on my scrapbooking this summer (I have a goal to do one page a day this summer). For now, the desk is there but that is where Mark's armoire is going. I need the boys to move that,, WAY too heavy for me.  :)
Everything gets so dusty during the winter months from the woodstove, so it felt so good to get everything dusted and sparkling.   This little shelf over my dresser has some of my special things.  My very first bear I got in the hospital when I was born, bears that were given to the boys when I had them,  a little copper  bell my Russian Grandma gave me,  a little trinket (the boy looking into the mirror) Mark got me while I had Titus, a couple glass pieces from my Bootsie Grandma (name we called our maternal Grandma-- the blue vase and Christmasy girl), a flower Addan gave me for Mother's Day one year from his Sunday School class and my heart shape rocks the boys have given me!  Such a fun shelf!  Plus there's a picture of me with my sister Tonya at my Word of Life graduation. 
What a good day,, but now my body is so looking forward to climbing into that cozy bed with nice aired out blankets and clean, crisp sheets!  

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  1. Tammy, I have the SAME hangup about wanting to be on the inside!! How funny- I wonder how many other women are like that? (Amanda)