Monday, April 12, 2010

Patio Pond

We always like to have a project going on for the boys.  I thought of a GREAT one :).  During the summer months, we spend alot of time in our back yard.  Picnics, Birthday parties,cookouts  volleyball, badminton, friends are just a few to name. It's one of my favorite parts of summer.

Our yard is perfect!  I love everything about it:  woods, stream, pond, hill for sledding, flat spot for basketball, shooting range, softball field, etc.  The only thing I don't like is the picnic area was on a hill and never a good spot.  So I got this great idea, to have the boys build me a patio this summer.  So I marked out the spot and got my fellas to see my vision (that took so work and motivating).  :)


Once they saw my vision, off to work we went.  Loads of rocks were found in the woods and dirt started being moved.  I just love  watching them work!  Muscles and sweat,, oooh love it!   

This is the beginning of our retaining wall.  We'll have to dig out and then fill it to make it level.  Rocks and sand will have to be added and then the pavers to make a wonderful patio area for us.  Oh, the memories to come!  Such FUN!

I keep saying I want a little pond here too.  Fish and the gurgle of a fountain would finish it off.  I picture flowers around the edges, a cooking pit built on the other end and my cozy chairs to enjoy it all.  When Mark and the boys came home Saturday, he was so excited to show me the treasures he had gotten me.  The house he did windows at, also has him cart trash off for them too.  He looked at her pile of trash, trying to judge what size trailor to bring to cart it all off with.  He spotted these old pond liners.  What a sweet fella,, he instantly thought of me and asked if that was part of the "trash" to be removed.  Yippee,, it was!!!  So I'll get my pond and fountain too!  What a sweet blessing from my thoughtful man!!!

Can't you see the patio, flowers, bushes, food cooking on a grill, boys running around and bubbling and gurgling of the fountain as water washes over the rocks?!?! 

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