Thursday, July 15, 2010

Traveling Memories

I read on another blog how a lady made a "Mary's Poppin's Bag" to help keep the kids entertained while traveling.  I loved the idea and took her idea and a bunch of others and it really helped make the trip there enjoyable and memorable. 

I got the bag and trays at Christmas Tree Shop.  The trays were $1.89.  The metal was better than plastic for the magnetic activities.

I made tags of 30-40 minute progressions.  Jordan helped me figure this out.   The first one was Binghamton, NY.  At this first "stop", (we didn't actually stop), I gave them each a tray and folder.  In the folder were copies of games and puzzles.  There were also pictures to color.  When we arrived at each "tag", I told them what "game" to do.

The second "tag", I had them take out their pictures and had them color them.  I judged them and gave the winner a prize.  Another "stop", I pulled out a new book on CD.  (I got that at a yard sale the week before with my Mom.  It was a Hardy Boy book, so it was great,, we went through a few tags with that activity.)

 I also put magnets on the backs of a Scrabble game pieces.

 Because their trays were metal, the magnets stuck.  The younger boys did a build a bug game while the older ones played the Scrabble game.  It was alot of fun.  Of course, lunch was another stop. 

This also helped the younger ones see how we were progressing.  I didn't have to answer the dreaded, "Are we almost there yet?" or "How much longer?" because they could see how much longer.  Titus fell asleep when we only had about 4 more tags to go and was so excited because he looked up and said, "Mom, look!  We're almost there!" 

I stamped a truck and called it us.  I then taped it to some bias tape and put that on a clothes pin.  It moved along as we did.  Here we were at the Mass border.

At another tag,  I gave each of the boys a handful of marshmallows on their tray, a straw and a cup.  They had to suck the marshmallows up with the straw and put them into their cup.  First one done, won.  Just little "games" like this helped pass the time and make good memories.

  This was probably the best trip and most stress free because of the time put into it.  I hope to do this each long ride.  (I didn't do it for the ride home and that was more stressful!!  Should of saved some games for the ride home :)  We did play Phase 10 but the youngers guys wanted games to play too.)

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