Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blueberries for Sal

What a fun day!  The morning started out with an early call from the post office saying our peeps were in.  Thirty-one Freedom Rangers were waiting for us.  These birds will grow up and then fill our freezer with yummy, healthy meat for our winter meals.  I hope to make lots of broth from their bones too (I was never to keen on the idea of making broth from chemical, hormone injected birds).

This evening after supper, 7 of the boys and I went and picked berries.  Mark and Tim stayed back and played Can't Stop.  (Tim got stung by a bee and his foot is swollen today.  This has happened to a different boy each day lately and they still don't learn NOT to go barefoot outside!)  It's always so fun doing these kinds of things together.  Titus picked  and sang while he worked.  Addan kept trying to find nickel sized berries,, yelling,, "Mom,, a nickel one!" 

Hearing the kerplunk in the bucket always reminds me of reading,  Blueberries for Sal.  What a GREAT kids book!  I remember many times reading it together after we went picking (I think our copy is long gone to the far away book land after so much abuse!).    So I quoted the book to Addan and Luke as we picked.  Such GREAT memories together! 

When we got home,  Addan helped bag the 41 pounds of berries up and Brendan carried them all into the freezer.  Such great team work I have!  Thankyou boys for all your work,, we'll all enjoy it.  Can't you taste the blueberry muffins with our chicken vegetable soup!

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  1. WOW you did get alot of blueberries. You have been busy. :) Jordynne was watching me read this and I was telling her about the chicken Titus was holding and she replied "So they are going to eat them...." with a weird look on her face..."I dont know if that is good or bad." Then she replies "or is that just plain weird"...She is super funny sometimes. Then of course I explained it to her. :)