Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Crops

Yeah, the summer veges are coming in!  I tried some new ones this year.  One is called 8 ball zucchini,  should be interesting to see how they compare to the regular zucchini.  I'll be cooking some up for supper tonight.  I also want to blanch some and put them in the freezer.  That way we can enjoy them all winter long in the soups we enjoy.

The garlic is ready for harvest too.  Tim, Luke and Silas picked it all for me and I hung it to dry.  I like to hang it so the stalks dry out a bit and they're easier to cut off.  I'll put the ones for our fall and winter eating in the pantry and set some aside to plant again in Sept. 

It's such a rewarding feeling eating veges from our own gardens. 

Tim loves helping in the garden.  He asked me what he could go pick from the garden so I was thrilled to get his help picking all the garlics out.   He did the first batch last night and the others helped him finish this morning.

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