Monday, July 19, 2010

Jam and Dishwasher

This evening, Silas and I went and picked some black raspberries from down by the chicken coop.  It was nice chatting and picking together.  Mark was pitching horseshoes with the other boys.  When he came in for the night, I was washing some dishes.  The dishwasher gets clogged every few months because our water is so full of minerals.  Because it wasn't cleaning good, I was washing the dishes by hand.  Mark commented that he would wash the dishes up for me.  I commented that he should just fix the washer.  So, he started the yucky job. 

While Mark started taking it all apart, I began boiling the berries.

Jordan got the "fun" job of scrubbing the gunk off the pieces. 

Once the dishwasher was all taken apart,  Mark decided to clean the inside out.  He squirt some Dawn into it and let it run a bit.  What a funny mess when he opened it up!!!  I couldn't stop laughing at his dilemma!!

He tried rinsing it down but that didn't help so he had to remove the bubbles.  I, of course,  was no help because I was laughing SO hard.  He's SOOO funny and ditzy at times!!! 

The jam turned out great (we'll have some tomorrow with our toast) and the dishwasher is now running smoothly.  Thankyou, my sweet Mark!!

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