Saturday, July 3, 2010

Amish Produce Auction

This past week, the boys and I went to my parents for a visit.  It was a great time making memories!  On Thursday, my Mom and I went to an Amish produce auction.  It was alot of fun!  The very first thing auctioned off was ears of corn.  I bid on them.  I got 12 dozen ears for 50 cents each dozen.  I couldn't believe how cheap it was.  Then all the other corn was going for $3-4 a dozen.  I couldn't understand why mine was so cheap.  It tasted real good too!  What a fun treat!

There was one couple bidding on everything!  I asked her if she was canning all this food,, she laughed at me like I was crazy.  I figured out after they were reselling it at a produce stand.  Their vehicle was from MD so they must come up for the auction and make money on it.

  I got a box of zuchini for $2, 3 boxes of cucumbers for $3 each, 10 lb bags of onions for $3 each, 3 boxes of cabbage, each head for 30 cents, the corn and some plants.  I always forget that you can't stack plants so it made for an interesting ride home!  I felt like I was looking back into a van of a jungle.

Addan and Titus enjoying the chance to all the cucumbers they want!  So far they've had two big ones each today :)        (I was practicing face painting on them.)

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  1. That's amazing! You almost don't need to have a garden, lol- are you going to can or freeze any of it? I've been telling Josh we need to try to take a trip down there because everything's super-cheap. Perfect illustration!! :)
    That's a really good idea about buying it cheap like that and then re-selling it. My great-grandmother and her husband used to have a fruit stand in Northern Indiana. People would come from miles around to buy from them. She baby-sat my dad when he was little and used to tell us stories about how they wired two wooden produce crates together into a cage to keep him out of trouble! These days, someone would probably call CPS, lol. Made for some hilarious stories, though :) He became sort of like their mascot and people would bring toys and treats with them to give to him.
    p.s.- cute picture of Addan and Titus. I never thought to just peel one like that; I always peel and then slice it into rounds- it sure would save me a lot of trouble with Ethan- he can mow through two in one sitting, no problem :).