Friday, July 30, 2010

Timothy Haddon

Eight years ago, I had the "delight" of bringing our Timothy into this world.  Some of our births really stand out to me and some almost seem to be a distant memory I don't seem to remember the details about.  Timothy's birth still stands out to me.

It was our second home birth.  Luke was the first and he was rather "easy" for my first at home.  The births before him were in the hospital with an epideral.  So I was a bit nervous about Luke.  The others were also induced as I went past the "magic" two week over due mark.  Luke went 3 weeks over due but his labor went fairly fast and easy.  The midwives came at midnight and he was born early in the morning.  I remember the boys coming down the stairs and I was snuggled in bed on the couch  with my new baby. 

So I had expectations (they get me every time!!) of Tim's birth being like this!  Tim was NOT like this.  His was HARD labor for hours and hours.  I remembered the verse the whole time about our sufferings being as Jesus' on the cross.  It seemed awful at the time!  Thankfully our midwife was very experienced and she did a great job with the labor.  Tim finally came and what joy it was!  He had his hand in his mouth when he came out and he was so chubby! 

He weighted 10 pounds 12 oz. 

Tim is very affectionate.  I often see him snuggled up to Mark, rubbing Mark's back or hand.  He's very quiet but observant in crowds.  What joy he has been to our family!

Happy 8th Birthday Tim-bob!


  1. Happy Birthday, Tim-Bob!! I can't believe you're 8!! Where does the time go?!

  2. You gave birth to a toddler! I love seeing pics of them when they were little- you can see how much the younger ones look like the older ones :).