Saturday, July 31, 2010


This morning as I was tending to the new peeps,  I was thinking how crammed they looked.  There are 31 of them in a large plastic tub.  They are only a week old but they're growing much quicker than the layers did.  The peeps now are meat birds.  

So this got me thinking.  I fenced off one corner of my garden to put them in.  My garden is not doing so hot this year.  I never got  to the load of mulch for the vegetable garden and it's showing.  With it being so dry, the mulch REALLY helps!  The garden I did mulch is doing much better!  Plus the weeds are just horrible without mulch!  Lesson for next year,, be sure to mulch my vege garden!!!  Please remind me :)

When I put the peeps out, they began running around, flapping their little wings.  I find them totally distracting.  I love to stand and watch them happy now. 

I commented to Mark that we have over 80 chickens on our land now.  No wonder we spend so much on grain!  But I love it!(not the spending money part!)  Fresh eggs, responsibity for the boys, meat in the freezer soon,happy rooster crows,  land being used: I wouldn't have it any other way!  :)

This guinnea and hen have become "friends".  The hen got banned from her coop for eating eggs.  The guinnea got tired of being chased all around the yard and pecked on by the male so she became pals with the hen.  You see them walking all over the yard together.  At night they perch together.  Such funny creatures!  They were curious about the peeps.

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