Thursday, March 25, 2010

Small Steps

My Pastor's wife gave me this book to read.  Her husband just went away to a pastor's conference and brought it home to her and she read it and passed it on to me to read.  (A plug here for Pastor's wives-- Thank the Lord daily and pray daily for your Pastor's wife.  She has the burden of home and church and her husband's ministry.  Alot of times, she's the one behind the scenes doing SO much!  I think it's one of the busiest positions there is!  I absolutely LOVE our Pastor's wife!  She's got a heart to help, loves our boys like her own, would do anything for people and is a tough bird-- she's a hard worker and not afraid to get a "little dirty".  I see our Pastor's wife talking and loving the unlovely and the ones I know have hurt her in the past-- or sometimes harder, the one's who have hurt her husband and children!)  She is always giving books out to read to try and encourage people in their walks with the Lord.  This book is called How to Speak Husband.  It's been real interesting so far.  This morning I read about how men think and their God given roles.  Men have been given the desire to have dominion over things.  The author said how teen boys begin to feel that as they get older.  Ugh, today I started to experience that!  Jordan went for his driver's permit.(He passed and even drove a bit of the way home!!!!)   It won't be long before he's off driving himself to work each day, developing his own domain over the area the Lord gives him.  It's hard to see them growing up but oh so,  exciting too!  Jordan is becoming a strong man and I pray daily, a man  that will be a leader and live TOTALLY for the Lord!  What a joy to be a Mom!
I highly recommend this book,, it's been a fun read so far!


  1. I have the same book. Justin bought it for me out there. He has the other book about wives. I am almost done. It is really good. I totally agree about Mrs. Hack. She is an awesome Pastor's wife. I love her super much!!

  2. did you finish it? I'd be interested if you suggested it! :D

    Cherith Nottingham

  3. I finished it Cherith, and it was very good. I highly recommend it! :)