Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mr. Visionary :)

Mark is always planning and thinking of ways to expand his business.  When we moved to PA in 2003, Mark was hired as a Christian school teacher.  The income wasn't enough to support our growing family.  Mark launched his own business washing windows. He does windows after school each day (his last class ends at about 1pm). The Lord has greatly blessed Busy Brothers Window Washing!  They clean  over 100 houses and businesses each year! (Most businesses are done either biweekly or monthly). This year Jordan will be getting his driver's license and he and Brendan will be able to do alot of those jobs, freeing up Mark to grow the business.  He's been asked by people if he does power washing.  This has always been in the back of his spinning mind :) , so last Saturday while I was in the quilt shop, Mark went to Lowes and got a power washer.  The boys have been so excited to see it being used!  Today is a beautiful spring day, so it was a perfect chance to fire the power washer up!  Here are the excited boys/man seeing it used for the first time!

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