Friday, March 26, 2010

Boys and the Toys

The long days of winter and wet, muddy days of spring make for some creative play times.  We've never been a family that is for lots of toys.  Our house is too small and I get so tired of the mess.  So they have few toys which keeps my sanity.  I also prefer playing games and constructive toys.  The boys have become very creative in their toys.  Here's some of them :)  Titus and Addan brought in the videos to build towers around the train tracks.  It then became a challenge to see how high  it could reach before falling!  Jordan is so good about sharing his room with his little brothers. 

Titus and Addan got rubber bands and shot at targets placed on the stairs.  They did this for hours.  They play so well together!  So thankful for the friendships they are forming.

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