Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I've always been leery about putting deodorant on my body when I know it has harmful things in it.  Then when the boys started to need it, that made me more worried.  We tried a "healthy"  brand sold in stores and that didn't seem to work and cost so much money.  Then my blog friend Trina posted on her blog that she just made some, I was so excited to read all her info.  She sent me to another blog and that one showed a clip of the lady actually making it!  So this past weekend, after finding the ingredients at the health food store, I made it.  My husband would be the perfect tester!  He was playing basketball with the men from the school where he works.  Not to be mean, but he usually stinks after he plays ball!  So the ball game was the first big test.  The next test was Sunday.  Mark teaches Sunday School teens and that makes his body work out too.  After church, Mark commented that he didn't smell like he usually does.   Last night, Mark commented that he is "sold" on the deodorant and said it works better than any other kind he has used before! Yippee!
This is yet another way to take care of our bodies and not put harmful chemicals into them! 
The recipe is this: 
6-8 Tbs coconut oil (solid state)
1/4 C  baking soda
1/4 C arrowroot powder (found in health food stores)
few drops of tea tree oil
few drops of essential oil for scent, if desired (I used peppermint)
Mix together with a spoon.  Great arm work out! 
You can put the good deodorant into a bad deodorant's old container.

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