Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Healthy Living

My head is spinning with all the talk of health care.  It's a bit out of control!  What happened to people taking care of themselves and paying for it themselves?!?!
A couple weeks ago, I saw on a news show, a lady who had to divorce her husband because he had gotten dementia and could no longer take care of him herself.  Their insurance would no longer cover the bills but if she divorced him, the state would pick up the bill.  (our tax money at work!)  This seemed so extreme to Mark and me as we sat and talked about it.  How sad!  We agreed that we want to take good care of ourselves to prevent those types of situations. (We, of course, don't know the outcome of our lives but if we know or hear of things that will prevent that, we'll strive to do that!)    I've heard so often people say, "I take that, and I feel fine" or "I've gotten that shot and I didn't see any side-effects" yet they don't know the long term of what it does to their or their children's bodies (after all their children do come from them or out of them!).
What happened to the day when you were sick, you tried to get yourself healthy?  Now it's, I got a sniffle or slight temp so I run to the doctor to get some junk to make it go away.  Of course, it's no sweat because the insurance or government gets the bill.  When we get sick, Mark's hard earned money pays for the bill.  So to prevent sickness, we try to eat healthy and live healthy.   Of course, there are times that we have to see a doctor but when we do, we pay for it!  We pay for our dentist visits so I try to make the boys brush well and eat right to prevent it.  I know so many people that run to the doctor so often, it's sad!  They don't care because they don't pay for it!  I know someone who's child was throwing their eggs on the shed wall because they don't like to eat eggs but got them free from WIC so the child used them as toys!  How sad!
God has a very strong opinion on what we put into our bodies!  "Whether therefore, we eat or drink, do ALL to the glory of God."  Our eating needs to bring glory to Him,, what a challenge! 
I realize this is all my opinion and we can be viewed as quite radical, but I do think our world's system is so out of control and people's eating is the same, and yet we don't put two and two together!  How strange!


  1. Tammy, the new health care laws actually SCARE me. Unfortunately because of Gracie's extreme illnesses, we have really had no choice but to be the people who use the government money for her health care (her bills are well over 3 million) and take her to the doctor often. With the new health care reforms, it is going to be extremely difficult to get her into specialists, etc. Doctors that she truly needs. Pray, pray, pray...that's all we can do for our country!

    Oh, ITA about the foods...I WISH I was as health conscious as you are, but we do attempt to eat right and feed our kids right. The Bible says A LOT about what we put into our mouths!!

  2. PS... I know that you didn't have Grace in mind when you wrote the above. So don't think I was offended...just stating another side of the stupid reform!! :)