Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting Ready for Easter

This year we're staying home together.  Every other year we go to CT and spend the weekend with my Aunt Rosie, Uncle Rich,  and my family who also go there.  This Easter seems to have come much quicker than other years.  Not sure why.  We always get a special outfit and try and match.  The boys all get to pick out a new tie.  This year, I think we're going to try and find a spring green color.  Last year we did light blue and pinks, the year before we did purple.  This is always a fun time to be together and remember our Lord's conquering death and giving us His power.  Spring also is a time of excitement and remembering new life.  What wonderful new life our Savior gives us!  

Today I finished my skirt and a bag to go with it.  If you are real observant, you've seen the fabric before.  It's the same fabric I used to decorate for Ruthie's shower.  I saw a great pattern that would work using both pieces!  The skirt has green in it so we'll try and match that shade.

I just love making bags!  I find them so fun to make!  I put pockets in this one as I've done this bag before and little things get lost in the bag.  So much fun!!!


  1. Ok. You've hooked me. I need to learn to make skirts and bags, because I can't afford to keep shopping for new sizes!!