Monday, March 29, 2010


Tim has been counting down to this day!  His peeps are here!  Silas, Hunter and Luke each have their own chickens and Tim wanted to get his own.  Mark buys the grain for them and they take care of the chickens.  They can sell any eggs they get as long as there are a dozen in the house each day for me to have.  This is a way they can make money and I don't have to tend to the chickens :)   I absolutely love having chickens so even after the boys leave our home, I want to still have them,, maybe just move the coop closer to the house as the hill in winter can be a little scary on the ice!
Tim woke up so excited, got alittle school done and then off we went to town to get his peeps.  He got 6 Buff Orpingtons,  6 Rhode Island Reds and 6 Red Comets.  Titus and Addan wanted one of their own so they got to pick a black one (I think they were Laced Wyandotes???, something like that) each.   They're real excited about it although it'll be a miracle if Titus' lives past the inside time as he loves to hold it and isn't the most gentle holder!
Thus begins the journey of chickens for Tim.  We're so excited for him to start the responsibility of his own chickens.  It's been a great teacher of responsibility for each of them!

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