Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Son's Gift

Jordan has been working full time since he graduated.
His boss has two houses he's building right now.
One is nearly done and the other is part way
done.  Yesterday the second house was going
to have some cement poured.
Jordan said he'd have to leave a little earlier if it wasn't raining.
When he got up though, it was raining.
 He left without me knowing which house he
was working on.
I'm always curious about where he is each day.
I also like to know where my fella is doing windows
each day.  I guess I like to know
so when I think about them during the day, I can "see"
at least what location it is in my mind.

When Jordan got home yesterday, I began
to ask my normal questions,

"What did you do today?"
"Where were you working?"
"Anything interesting happen?"
"Were all the men working with you today?"
"Did Josh say anything funny today?"

Yesterday Jordan told me he was working at the "new" job.
His boss bought a fixer-upper to resell or rent.
Jordan was there helping gut it out.
He ran back out to his truck and brought in some
paintings he found in the attic.
He asked me if I liked any.
I could tell the way he asked, he was hoping he'd found
me a treasure.
I did like one.
I excitedly ran up the stairs and grabbed a frame.
This past week I was at my parent's.  My
Mom and I went to yard sales the last day.
I saw some frames I really liked at one sale. I hemmed and hawed
(is that how you spell it?)
as I have so many frames saved for the some time I may need them.

One of the frames I got fit the painting perfectly!
I was so excited and I think Jordan was too.

I cleaned up the frame and picture and hung it up.
What fond memories when I see it
in the living room.

I'll always think of Jordan when I see the
picture, knowing he was thinking
of me with his treasure.


  1. So cozy! I like that painting!

  2. Ooo, so pretty!! I love that painting!!! I've seen it before. Really pretty!!

  3. I love that picture of the Gleaners...and your frame is perfect...Have a lovely day!