Thursday, September 8, 2011

Walk After the Rain

Our area got lots of rain the last few weeks.
It rained a steady hard rain all day
Our ride to church was very exciting: roads covered
with water, bridges
being closed, fields flooding
and the wipers flying back and forth over the
I have to admit, I was a bit nervous
seeing the water going over the bridge right next to us.

This morning I went outside to check the peeps.
They were all warm and dry, ready for me to bring them
some feed.

I could hear the stream out back and was
curious to how big it had gotten.
Just three days ago, it was totally dry and just
a path of where it had once run .

Three guys joined me on my walk.

This is the path out to the field.

They stopped and got some milk weed pods to
race down the swollen stream.

The closer we got,
the louder we could hear the water.

"Quick! Grab it!"

Someone slipped when he was
trying to jump across the bridge.

What fun memories made this morning before school.

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