Saturday, August 13, 2011

School Room Buffet

My Aunt Rosemary had a piece of furniture
on her front porch.
It was used to hold stacked wood and keep
it dry.

I've been trying to think of a way to
replace our big book shelf in the school room/family
room.  The shelf holds all our books
and games we play most.
BUT it also gets very dusty and also becomes
the catch all.  I am getting
tired of the clutter.

I thought of moving the games upstairs 
on a shelf and then moving the rest of the books
onto the shelf on the other side of the school room.
I just needed some place to put the copier.
This is where the buffet comes into action.

I could put the copier on that!
Aunt Rosemary said we could move it down here.
So many things in my home remind me of her.
For years, people would give her pieces of furniture
or other things they were passing on.
Rosie also loved to pick at her dump.
Our first waffle iron she found for us at her dump.
We used it for years and were SO sad when
it finally stopped working right.
I have not found one since that I liked as much
as that one.
This will be another reminder of my sweet, fun Aunt.

Tonya, my sister has been talking and talking
about her new "love" of chalk paint!
She paints a whole ton more than I do so I knew she
would definately be one to trust.

(click on "Tonya" and she has a post about using
chalk paint.  On the end of her post, she links to a tutorial
on using chalk paint and waxes.  It was very helpful.)

So I ordered my first can of chalk paint and wax
to finish the piece.
Oh what fun!
I loved working with the paint.
You don't have to strip the old off and can just paint
on the wood without preparing it first!

I especially liked working with the wax to finish it.
No polyerthane!  I loved it and am so happy how it turned
out.  Now the process of moving all the books,
games and added "junk" is not near as fun!
But I know I'll be so happy with a more tidy room.


  1. She might want it back now that you made it lovely! What colors of the chalk paint did you get? and did you use the clear and dark wax on your piece? It looks great!

  2. I love it! I think I may have an exact replica of it too...

  3. WOW!! That looks INCREDIBLE!!! What a difference!!! :)