Friday, September 9, 2011

Science and Grammar

This is our 14th year of home schooling
our boys.
I can not believe how quickly this time has flown.
It hardly seems that so many years
have passed since I was sitting in our little
school room in Maryland
teaching Jordan to read.
Now Jordan is working full time building
homes with a crew.
This is also the last time I'll teach one of
the boys to read.

He woke up real early and excited to start school!

It's sad but also very fulfilling to know when I hear
them reading, it's from time we spent together.

This year, I wanted to get a science curriculum that
we all enjoyed.  In the past, their science
involved many different experiments and things
we didn't have in the home.
It got frustrating for the boy trying to do the experiment
and for me as I often didn't feel prepared
for the task at hand.
And then, it would be increasingly frustrating
if all the boys had different experiments each week.

So I searched and researched for a science that
we could do together and one that didn't
require too many supplies.

I love this year's course.
I know the boys are enjoying it too and that
makes all the differnce in our day.
When I call them all for their science,  three excited boys come
running to the table (literally!).
I've heard them say it's their favorite subject too,
which brings a smile to my heart.

This project was showing the four seasons.
We glued the "frames" and added four trees.
Each tree was decorated to show the four seasons.

I also use this time to do our grammar together.
I'm sure they're all getting it and the grading
and checking is done together.
I'm doing Tim, Luke and Silas together.
It's a fourth grade course.
I wasn't too sure about Tim getting it as it's a grade above him.

Yesterday I gave them a quiz on the prepostions, subject
and verb of each sentence. 
Tim was the last one done with the quiz
(he's very methodical and pokey),
but he got a perfect score.  I don't really care about the
score but just that is shows he understands so far.

It has been so much nicer to have these two subjects
together.  It's six less individual books I have
to check each day.
But better yet, it's building great times together
and they love this learning time.
I actually hear, "How much longer until
science and grammar, Mom?".

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