Friday, September 16, 2011

The Fighting and Bad Attitudes

Only by pride cometh contention
Proverbs 13:10

The blog world can paint a very pretty of
our homes.
You can't hear the quarreling and pride
that is in the home at times.
Our home is NO exception! 
There is often arguing, voices raised and
mean spirits. 
It is nothing to be proud of but a very
sad truth when dealing with sinful people.

My fella is often quoting the above verse in Proverbs.
It helps to see the root of most issues: pride!
Pride is a very wicked and gross sin.
Sadly, it's in our home.

The other night was a very vivid example.

My fella and I went out to eat and run a couple
of errands for youth group.
When we came home, you could hear
arguing and demanding of rights.
"It's MY turn!"
"You're so selfish!"
"It's NOT fair!!!"
(Boy, do I hate that one!  What in life is fair?  Who says
anyone has a right of things being fair!?!?!")

 A few years ago, the boys put all their Christmas 
 gift cards together
and bought a Wii.
We thought it would be a good break for long winter
days or when we go out.
The time on the Wii is very monitored so when they
get to play, it's very exciting to them.

So, as we walked in the door and could see the
arguing was due to who's time it was to play
and who gets to go next, etc and etc,
my fella shut it down and said NO MORE!!!
He told them no more Wii until they
together could sit down and write
down their commitments of using the Wii
together with a God-honoring spirit.

Last night the boys had their meeting.
My fella and I sat in the living room talking and
I could hear them discussing their
rules together.
It was SO cute.
Jordan wrote down the rules they together agreed upon.
Titus was quick to put all his advice in.
Then together they prayed to be
sensitive and do right.
It blessed my heart to see their spirits
and willingness to do this together.

We'll see how it works.

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