Monday, September 19, 2011

Life Verse

Do you have a life verse?
I've often thought about that for myself.
What is my life verse?

The last few years, I Corinthians 10:31 has been
a verse I've thought about alot.
It gives me encouragement when I don't feel
like doing something.

"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink,
or whatsoever ye do,
do ALL to the glory of God."

The emphasis on "all" is mine.

Having eight sons and no daughters can get
overwhelming at times.
I try real hard not to focus on that or look
at other families that have daughters to help.

For awhile, we were watching the Duggar's shows.
They're a great family and a great testimony.
At times, though, I found myself comparing our lives.
This was VERY wrong of me!!!
It was mainly in one area of my life.

I often feel like my whole life is just doing this one thing
and I get little breaks from it to do other things.
Of course, that's not true but some times it
sure feels that way!!

Then I'd watch the Duggar's show or I read in her
book that she doesn't even do this job!
She has a daughter or two who do ALL this job for her!
Man, talk about nice!
(oops, my bad attitude is coming out! Sorry.)

So I had to change my focus.
I think about each person in our family as I do it.
Thinking and praying for them.
Or I'd remember the cause for using the item.

This is the task I'm talking about

The lovely task of keeping up with the laundry!

So I try to recruit help when I can but most days
the help is gone to work.
I'm noticing as the boys get older, they're home
less and less and I'm back to having
a house filled with young boys.

While I fold the table clothes,
I think of the fun memories we made
eating supper outside.
Hearing the young boys yell,
"Dad, we're eating out here!
Come! See.", as
he pulled up the driveway from work.

Things become a matter of focus for me.
Am I doing the task at hand to get it done,
am I having a bad attitude,
or can I do this to the glory of God?

I'm so thankful for God's Word and how it encourages me-
even with Monday's laundry!

It's so nice to look down the hall and see this.

An empty hamper!


  1. You are one AMAZING cookie!!! I never have an empty hamper and I've only got 3! :) Great reminder: thanks! I was feeling sorry for myself tonight b/c I didn't have more kids, didn't have an older brother for Levi...not as though I could control the order he was born. But I just feel so sorry for him having only girls to play with. But God has His reasons, and I needed the reminder that He knows what He's doing. :)

  2. What a great attitude to have!! You truly are a super - woman! I can't imagine doing all that laundry for all those "men". You will have a special job in Heaven for sure :-)

  3. A good reminder for me too. There is a never ending pile in my laundry room too, and sometimes it's just plain overwhelming. Thanks for the encouragement to keep my attitude right in serving my hubby and little girls!