Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting Ready for Spring

This is the view from out the window above
the sink. 

I am so thankful for a window above the sink!
I often find myself just going to the window
and looking out.
Other times I'm there for the not so fun job of
conqering the pile of pots and pans
but being able to view the garden while I work is
so nice!

This little spot in front of the fence is
a perfect spot for herbs.
I used oodles of herbs this late summer while
making sauce.  It was handy having the boys
run down to the garden  and grab some but it would
of been better if the herbs were
closer to the house.

I also love, love, love tulips!
They bring so much sunshine and bright color in the
I grabbed a pack of 30 bulbs the last time I was
out shopping but they've been sitting
on the counter waiting for me to plant them.

Tim is a morning person.
He gets up with Mark, makes his breakfast
and then does school all by himself.
Tim is a very pokey person so I think he likes
the quiet and being able to set his own pace
to do things.

This morning, he finished school early so I gave him
the job of planting my tulips.
He enjoyed this job and did a great job.

It's such a blessing having so many different personalities
 in our home.
Now when the snow has melted and the days
begin to get warmer and the tulips
are in full bloom, I'll
think of Tim and remember his hard work for me.

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  1. How sweet Tim is. Come spring you'll have to give him a extra "tulip" hug.