Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wormpit, Wood and WOW!

This afternoon I was canning some more sauce
when Tim came excitedly into the kitchen.
He exclaimed that he fixed his fishing pole for
our Shiloh trip.

Every fall we go with my parents for a week
to Hatch Lake in NY.
It's one of our favorite vacations
(my favorite!!!).

Together we decided we should build a wormpit
to build up the supply of worms
to bring fishing with us.

I cleaned up the kitchen and headed out to help
It's a gorgeous day:  sunny with a gentle breeze.
This is just perfect weather!

We got our bucket to house our worms and
started digging up some dirt.
I went to my garden and cleared out a spot.
It was the old bean patch.
I turned over the dirt and grabbed any worms I spotted.

Right next to the rows of beans, I planted some gourds.
This was a new gourd variety to me.
I love planting gourds.  They're easy and so
fun to watch grow.

This summer totally passed me by and I didn't look at the
gourd plants since they were baby plants.
I strolled over to the plants and was totally
amazed by what I saw!

These are the other gourds I have growing for my
sister.  I enjoyed
watching these
grow right along
the tomatoes plants.She does some
great painting
and ornament making with them.

But these I found today just totally wowed me!!!

Look how big this one is!  Mind you, I wasn't
"blessed" with tiny feet.  I have size 10 feet.

These gourds are huge!  Maybe Tonya will have to make
bowls or basket type things out of these.
She's very creative so it'll be fun to see what she
does with them.

It'll also be fun to see how many are out there.

The woodpile is coming along nicely.
Now I need to go get some carrots to go with supper.

How is your garden coming?


  1. Wow! Your garden looks lovely!

  2. Your garden looks great! What with the scorching heat, hurricane winds and rain solidly every day for a week, my garden is in sad shape and beyond repair for this summer! The only thing growing out of control, of course is the grass, which needs to be cut...but our mower's broken! I love your gourds! It will be so fun to see what Tonya makes of them! I hope she shares her ideas here. We did get one pumpkin off our vine, though, before it went.

  3. My garden has "totor's (tomatoes" that are picked green because two little boys can't WAIT until they are red; and it has "nana's (aka Cucumbers HA!) and "Hots" . . .jalapeno's. I really only planted stuff so the boys could watch things grow and they are truly amazed with it all. I am not a gardner at all - I prefer to go to the farm markets and pick up what I need :- )

  4. WOW!!! I can't believe those plants all through your garden!! And they're HUGE!!! Wish I could grow them like that!! :) It's so fun to be outside! :) Violet had a school project to fill a jar 1/3 with garden soil, 1/3 with sand, 1/3 with garden soil and oatmeal sprinkled on top. She was supposed to find 10 warms to put in it, make holes in the top, and then cover the jar with dark paper and check on it everyday for 2 weeks. She and Levi put 26 worms in it. I hope the experiment still works. Your garden still looks so GREEN and fresh! :)