Friday, May 14, 2010

Work Shirts

In 2003 we began a new chapter in our lives.  We sold our house in ME, packed up and moved to a house we found on the internet.  Mark also found a job in the same area of the house through an internet add.  (It was all the Lord's leading!)  The "job" was teaching at a Christian school.  He would be just teaching Bible.  Of course, the salary wouldn't be enough to support our growing family.  A friend in ME suggested cleaning windows.

Mark did research on the internet, bought a video on cleaning windows and took the plunge and invested in the equipment.  We wanted a family business that the boys could help with as they got older.  
Next began the hard part, getting the jobs.  I so admire Mark!  He would go business to business asking if they wanted their windows done.  At first, it was real discouraging!  No, no, no was all he heard.  I remember at one point, Mark was discouraged about it, and prayed, "Lord, if this is what you want me to do, show me."  That day he got his first job!  The owner of that shop has become a good friend to Mark and regular business.  Then Mark began to get bigger jobs (WalMart, grocery stores, etc).  We began to see the Lord bless his hard work.   Jordan and Brendan started to go to work with Mark, learning the way to make a window sparkle.  When they started, they could barely reach a window and now they're able to do them all by themselves!  The goal is once Jordan has his license, he can get his own jobs and work under Mark. 

Right now, Mark's problem is finding time to keep up with both school and windows!  A very good problem and once school is done, he'll be able to catch up.    We're so thankful for the Lord's leading and taking care of us!

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  1. Way to go Jordan and Brendan. It has been exciting to watch you allow the Lord to grow you up into hard workers. What a blessing that you can work along side of your dad!