Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sneeze, sneeze, sniff, sneeze!  This explains the last month!  It's been awful,, my sneezes aren't the most graceful either! :)
Two nights ago, after waking up in the middle of the night with my nose running like a faucet, I grabbed a sock out of my dresser and used it as my tissue.  "This is it!  I'm buying some drugs this week when I go to WalMart!"  I don't usually buy "drugs" but thought there is just no other way to get me through this pollen time.  
As the Lord would so kindly work it out, I grabbed a Beeyoutiful catalog the night before and set it by my bed to read in the morning. Yesterday morning,  after I did my Bible reading, I picked it up and began reading it.  I just love when they come in the mail, so much good information.  I was reading it and there was just one line in one of the articles about allergies.  It said to take three things for allergies.  Two of them were their products.  This got me thinking.  I really haven't taken anything for these sneezes and sniffs.  Bad girl! 
While growing up at Teen Haven, my sister and I would go horse back riding lots (camp had horses the first years there).  It was SOOOOO much fun and such an adrenaline rush!  But I always sneezed and got hives from the horse dander.  My Mom read about taking alfalfa to help with this.  She'd always place a pile of "pills" for me to take before and after we went riding.  This really helped.

When we got a cat this past year, Jordan had the same reaction to the cat as I did to the horses.  He takes alfalfa regularly and I see him often holding the cat with no sneezing or itchy eyes anymore.  Why have I forgotten this and not been taking these wonderful green "pills"?  

The article mentioned taking Bee Immune (which I have sitting in the vitamin cabinet), local honey, and Berry Well.  Berry Well is very similar to the elderberry syrup I make.  So yesterday I made a batch of elderberry syrup (which has raw honey in it) and took Bee Immune and tons of alfalfa.    Because it was so hot yesterday, we had the fan blowing into the room.   I couldn't believe it, this morning I woke up with just a little sniffle!  Even with the pollen blowing in all night, I had just a sniffle!  I didn't even wake up in the night and need to grab a sock to blow my nose in :)
God's so good!  He gave me that article just when I was at my whit's end and going to buy "junk" from the store and He created the herbs we need to keep us going!    Now I just need to stop being so lazy and take my many piles of  green "pills"!

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  1. Huh...maybe that is why I haven't been sneezing that much lately either. I have been taking those "green" pills for the rash I had to get rid of it. It worked and as soon as I didnt take them because of me being super sick with the baby. My rash came back alittle and now that I think about it I sneezed all the time too when I was off of them. :o) learn something new everyday thanks. :0)