Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heart Strings

As the boys grow older, I'm finding conversation is beyond my understanding.  Sports people, sports plays, window washing talk, singing group songs, etc.  Mark has much more to discuss with them or at least talk and understand what they're talking about :)    The boys are also more open with Mark about their feelings and interests (especially about females).  It's also starting to dawn on me how quickly time is flying.  When I stand among Jordan, Brendan and Mark,, I feel rather small.  So as Jordan and Brendan, especially, start to spread their wings and gain more and more independence, I've decided to keep close to my younger fellas.  They're the ones that will be with me as the older ones leave.  (This isn't meant to be sad but just a fact of life, this is why we have our boys, to train to be godly men and then launch them out to hit  their mark in the world for Him.)

Titus is a  cute fella.  He's a little chatter-box and is VERY smart.  Sometimes he's way to smart for his little body.  When he's done eating breakfast, he tends to just sit there and chatter away to me about his little world.  I'll be washing the dishes and counters down as he shares with me his thoughts.  Such a cute fella.  I'm also trying to build heart strings that as he grows older, he'll be secure and open with us.  Our boys do tend to transition to being more open with me as young boys  and then to their father as they become men.  What a true blessing our fellas are to our lives!

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