Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Safe Guard of Husbands

I'm so thankful to have a husband who takes his leadership seriously (although at times it "rubs me the wrong way").   I know,, bad girl!!!  There are so many things in life that I can just hand over to his role and let him handle it.
An example came to mind again this week.  A person called from a  pro-life organization  asking for a pledge donation.  Of course, they asked if I was for pro-life.  I couldn't help but  say, "I sure think so, we have 8 children!"  After listening to the long speech, they wanted to know if I'd commit to a money donation.  My answer to all these kinds of questions,, "Send the info and I'll let my husband decide, he's in charge of the finances."  Man, they don't like that!  They want an answer..... I finally just tell them to put whatever amount they want but I can't commit to it until my husband sees it.  Some times they don't send it, some times they do.  But this has saved so much headache with decisions.  
I know women can be emotional and want to help others out,, especially other Moms in need!  I'm so thankful to have a husband who makes these decisions for me.  Whether  it is babysitting, giving time or money, he guards me with these decisions.  At times, it can be real hard for me.  I love to serve and help others but he kindly reminds me my first place I need to serve is at home!  At times I know it's hard for him to say this to me because he knows I ENJOY serving but just can't do everything right now.  He always says,,, someday you'll have more time! 
He also guards how we give.  When Mark was a pastor, he saw how some times the Lord did things to people to teach them through the "school of hard knocks".  It didn't help the person at all when they were "bailed out" from the lessons needed to be learned (alot with rebellious children, as hard as it is!).  You'll notice most prayer requests are for physical healing instead of the spiritual lesson to be learned through the physical difficulty.    
I'm so thankful for wisdom of the ones over my life!  I pray I'd just be more receptive to it at times and not be so stubborn to receive it :)

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