Thursday, May 27, 2010

Purple Flip Flops

Yesterday while shopping at WalMart, we went to the shoe department.  There were racks and racks of  brightly colored flip flops and for only $2 a pair!  What fun!  I told the younger three boys they could pick out a pair for their summer play shoes.  Tim picked out a bright blue pair, Addan a dark green pair.  I held up a pair of royal blue ones and said, "How about these, Titus?"

Titus has a very strong personality.  He knows WHAT he likes and doesn't like!  He said, "No, I like those!" and pointed to a bright purple pair.  Oh great,,how to deal with this one :)    "Purple?"  I asked.    "Yes, Mom, it's my favorite color!"  he said.    I asked, "Isn't it a girl's color?"    With a cute grin and knowing look,  Titus said, "No!  It's MY favorite color!"   Guess he thought since it's HIS favorite color and he's NOT a girl,, it can't be a girl color!    So we compromised.  I said, "I'll buy you those purple ones to wear and play around the house but these blue ones you have to wear out in public."   

He just looked at me like I was weird and said, "Ok."  Guess he thought it was great to get two pairs out of the deal :)

This is how he left the table this morning,,, so cute! 


  1. very cute! Love the last pic with them by the cereal kids do the same thing with their new things.

  2. that's my boy! Jesus made all the colors, and it doesn't say anywhere that some are for girls, and some are for boys :)

  3. I saw his blue flip-flops the other day and thought of his purple ones :).