Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ruth and Jordan

When I had Jordan, his Aunt Ruthie was 5.  This made for interesting times.  Seemed strange to have his Aunt in school and going through times of training along side him.  But a bond was formed and they became very close.  Ruthie is like Jordan's big sister.  I remember times of playing by the stream at their house together, riding bikes together, games and fun together.

Of course, as time went on, Ruthie began to change and grow into a young lady.  This was a sad time for Jordan but also an exciting time for him.  It was a lesson for Jordan to see how the Lord leads and blesses.  

Once Ruthie found the "man for her", life as it was changed.  Jordan also began to grow up and their interests began to change.  But the bond is still there and a closeness remains.

At Ruthie's wedding, when Jordan went through the receiving line, he cried and cried saying "goodbye" to his Aunt, knowing the future would be different.  No more roller coaster rides together at Knoebels, canoeing at Shiloh,  Thanksgiving meals together, rides to camp and basketball games there, etc.  But what an exciting time as well, to see what the Lord has planned for Jordan.  I'm so thankful for the loving, sensitive man Jordan is!  Makes this Mom's heart proud :)


  1. Wow, I would have thought that the one picture was Titus!! You've got great boys, all of them. Jordan has sweet memories for a lifetime!!

  2. Beautiful entry. Thanks so much, Tammy.

  3. So sad, but so true about how the Lord uses these changes in our lives to grow closer to Him. Such cute pictures and wonderful memories. Wilson said that that was why he liked Ruthie, because she would play with him...he noticed her change as she grew into a young lady too.