Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Routine

Monday is the day of getting back to routine.  The weekends are time to let loose and leave the "normal" housework til later and enjoy our time together.  

This past weekend was a very different weekend.  It was Mother's Day so lots of special memories were made.  Saturday was VERY windy and cold.  The boys had a double-header in softball.  I didn't go.  They said they were shivering out in the field and the wind made catches quite a challenge.  I stayed home because dear friends were stopping in for the night as they were traveling through.  What a day!  Tears were cried together, laughter was shared and memories were made.  True friends-- what treasures they are in this life!

So today is back to "normal" life in our home.  School, laundry, bread baking, chores, etc.  Just going back to my "normal" day brings so much contentment and peace.  Our lives have times of "soaring" but the normal  life is just "plodding" along.  Funny how just going outside, hanging a load of laundry, coming inside and hearing the piano being practiced, seeing science experiments being done, and math questions being solved brings so much contentment. 

Of course, it's lunch time right now, so it sounds like a heard of ravenous lions just entered the kitchen!  :)

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