Friday, May 7, 2010

Bags, Bags

I have to admit, I have a fetish with bags!  I love to make them, love having fun bags and love to look at them.  The patterns are exciting to me, the fabrics and fun styles out there! (and there are LOTS of them!!!)

I've been making them while doing school with the boys.  Keeps me busy while listening to reading and in between checking math problems and reading questions.  All in hopes, of selling them at a craft fair in the fall.  

Yesterday I got a magazine in the mail.  It had an article about a lady who makes,, what else,, bags!!  Fun,, I looked at that article first and went to her Esty shop!  I couldn't believe it!  Her bags sell for $60 each!  Nothing too much fancier than mine.  But her "claim to fame" is that her bags are recycled fabric .  She gets table clothes and napkins from thrift stores and turns them into bags.  Man, if I get some used fabric and call them recycled, I could double my prices.  Guess it's all in the name  :)  Sure got my head spinning and making my wheels want to spin to a thrift shop and THEN GET THE SEWING MACHINE SPINNING!  

The bottom, patchwork bag I finished is kind of recycled.  A friend from church who always gives me craft supplies,  gave me this fabric.  It was the sample book of different fabrics to choose from for furniture. I cut them up and turned them into a bag.  :)  Guess if I make fancy  tags explaining the importance of going green and reusing the fabric, it'll sell quicker :)  It's all in the name.... "Recycled furniture fabric swatch bag"  or "From swatch to bag in a few stitches" ...... let the fun begin!


  1. You should make them and sell them. That is what my neighbors friend does. She makes a bunch up and she sells them. They are just like yours. :)

  2. I love your bags! If you would make fancy tags, people would look at them is the key.

  3. You could definitely sell them for quite a price. A lady in Waverly does the same thing and sells them for a hefty price at the craft store in Owego. You price all your stuff at a lot lower price than they are probably worth. ;)