Monday, May 23, 2011

Our First Peep

I'm so excited, one hatched!
After many years of trying, this year we finally got one!

The first year, the power strip got turned off.
Last year, I knocked the incubator over and the eggs
all smashed!  
So this year was going to be my final attempt!

Yesterday was day 19.
Day 18 you stop turning the eggs.
They can hatch on days 19-21 so this one was on the 
early side.

Needless to say, there was TONS of excitement all day
today.  Jordan said he could hear the peeps
all night.
It was funny hearing the peeping coming from inside the eggs.

This evening, one egg started chirping loudly and 
moving pretty consistently.
Addan was so excited (the younger guys all
were but Addan just stood and watched the whole process)!
Here's the process.
This is egg #1.
It cracked early today.

This is egg #2.
It started to crack after supper this evening.

Then all the sudden it started moving around and peeping

Addan kept telling me what was going on step by step
of the process.

"Mom, look it just started to crack more!"

"Mom, come look!  I can't believe it, I see feathers!"
It's almost all out!

Yeah!  It's out!  
It's shell was stuck for a bit and it was dragging it all around
the incubator.  I was a bit nervous
about it bumping and moving the other eggs.
Finally it came detached and just rested some.
 Once it was
dry we moved it under a heat lamp.

I feel like a new Mom,
I keep running over to make sure it's breathing
and warm.  :)

What fun excitement tonight.
I'm sure there will be more to come as I can hear
peeps when I walk by the incubator.

Hopefully we'll wake up to egg #1 hatched.

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