Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Password

While chatting with a friend at church this past Sunday, I mentioned
our family password.  She asked what that was.
I proceeded to explain to her what I heard
many years ago.  We implemented it years ago when our
oldest two were around 7 and 9 years old.

You have a password, a special word that your family will remember.
It can be any word but a child friendly word is best so he'll 
remember it.  Drill that word into your child's head.
I would randomly ask at any moment, "What's the password?"
While we're driving along, I'd ask for the password.
During supper, "What's the password?"
Any time, until it became a quick reply.
Then we started the "What ifs".  This helped reinforce the password.
The point of the family password is to keep the child safe.
Children are very trusting and very curious.  Sickos are aware of this.
So if a stranger were to ask or tell the child something, they can safely ask 
for the family password.  If the stranger doesn't know it, this will 
cause the child to be safe and take matters safely into their hands (hopefully).

While eating our lunch, we'd ask the boys about this what if.
What if you're outside in your yard and a car pulls up.  It's someone you
don't know.  They ask you to come over to the car and help unload some food 
they have for your family.  Our boys are very helpful so their natural response 
would be to help.  So we tried to teach them to run into the house and get us.
NEVER go over to a car of someone you don't know!!!

What if you're out and someone comes up to you.  They say that your
parent sent them to go get you.  The child would then ask for the family password.
If the stranger doesn't know it,  the child would know the parent didn't send the 
This would be good for children that walk home from school or a friend's home.
If a stranger pulled up and said the parent got hurt and sent them to pick them up,
they could ask for the password.  If the stranger didn't know it, teach the child to RUN
FAST from that car!!

There are SO many what ifs you can do with your children, all with the goal to keep
them safe.
Children will trust anyone unless trained not to.
We don't want our children fearful but cautious.
The time chatting about the what ifs also created a fun memory of chatting together.
Hopefully a child will NEVER have to use the password but it 
never hurts to be prepared.

Note: If you use the family password, be sure that YOU remember that.
If you do need to send someone to your child, be sure you tell that person the


  1. This is a great idea! Thanks for I only need to come up with a word that I can remember, because I'm sure the kids will learn and remember it faster than this leaky memory of mine! :)

  2. Just thought I'd share with you that friends of ours came very close to having their son abducted yesterday. A man came up to him after school and asked him to come home with him. Our friends son asked for the family password, the stranger mumbled an answer, and that boy took off running for help. No parent wants to go through that kind of a situation, but we are all so very thankful that our friends have implemented the family password :-).

    1. Wow! So glad the child was quick and thought things through. Very thankful the parents trained the child for this situation! God is good!