Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twenty Pounds of Potatoes

The last big job was to get the potatoes in.
I still have smaller things like green beans, cucumbers
and squash.
I dreaded doing the potatoes, I
kept putting it off. 
This morning I woke up determined to get it done!

My fella had already rototilled  the spot.
I had to pull out the weeds that were left, 
hoe the rows and plant.

Addan came out and helped me.
I'm so thankful for times like this.
In a large family, it takes extra effort to spend time with 
each child.  This will be a time he remembers, especially
this winter when I remind him of how our work paid off in yummy
mashed potatoes and shepherd's pie!

I got the ground ready and hoed each row.
Addan came after me and planted all the seed potatoes.

He chattered away the whole time.
I'm usually so busy that I often don't really hear their chatter.
I know this is bad!!!  That's why these times are so nice
to have together.  I had nowhere to go and he had my
full attention.

"Mom, can I start burying them?

The job is done and it ended up being a fun time together!


  1. How wonderful!! It's hard to believe how much Addan has grown up! It's nice that you get that time with him...and get something great done, too! :)

  2. Even though I only have 3, it's hard to find time with each of them, too. I planted potatoes for the first time this year. How do I know when to harvest them? They are very tall and green and some of the ones that my MIL planted earlier already have flowers. When do we lift them?

  3. I harvest mine once the plants died back. We got last of yummy, big ones last year!