Monday, May 23, 2011

Disappointments and Memories

What a memorable weekend!
Friday and Saturday I worked on the gardens.  
My goal was to get the main garden done and the tomatoes in.
I wanted to get the potatoes done too but didn't 
get to that so that's still on the to-do list.

Friday I got the main garden done. 
Man, my back was killing.

Saturday was a busy day.  It started by me
dropping off the 3 middle boys to a friend's house.
Last year we got 9 free passes to Knoebels 
(a family fun amusement park) and because
we have so much to do and the older guys have softball, we
knew we couldn't fit a trip in.  So I offered the passes to our
friends and they volunteered to take 3 of our boys.
They were SO excited!
After dropping them off and a yummy breakfast by me fella,
I started working in the yard.
My fella and the older guys got me a load of mulch.
So I mulched and planted tomatoes.
The closer garden is the tomatoes and the
one closer to the chickens is going to be the potatoes. 

Jordan and Brendan were working in the driveway.
Jordan's retaining wall caved in over the winter so he was
working on repairing that.
My fella suggested widening the side parking spot on the driveway.
So Brendan started that project.
He was using the pick ax to get the dirt loosened.
It was extremely hard as it was years and years of dirt that was 
plowed over and then driven on.
As he was digging and pulling the hard ground,
a rock shot out and hit him in the  shin.
It got him pretty good.
Brendan's very good with blood and injuries (good thing 
as he's had the most!).  
He taped it up but was limping around after.
I saw the cut and it was enough to make my stomach turn
(but that doesn't take much!).

The older guys and my fella left after lunch to do some windows
and help set up at church.
Our church was having a big day on Sunday and they 
signed up to help set up.
Then from there they were going to the softball game.
The plan was for me to meet them there.

Addan and I finished mulching the gardens, got cleaned up 
and headed out.
When I got to the softball game, Brendan was just sitting on the bench.
I ran over to him and he said his leg was really in alot
of pain and he wasn't playing.
My heart hurt for him.
I know how much they look forward to playing!
It was a good game too!
Jordan pitched the whole game!
That makes me so nervous!
Our team won that game!  How fun!

Yesterday, Sunday, was the big day at church.
A man was coming with 5 big inflatables! 
A big slide, jousting pit, bouncy tent, etc.  
Our boys had been looking forward to this for many days!
Of course, each church meeting for many weeks, we've all been hearing 
and planning for it!  This added to their anticipation.

Many, many bus children came to the event! What a blessing 
to have so many children hear the message of Jesus' love
for each of them!
The original plan was for the bus children to have a chance on
the inflatables and then once they were done,
the church families' children got a turn.

Addan has been sitting each night at home, looking at the little
flyer that was being given out.  It had pictures of each of the inflatables
and he chattered away to us telling us which one he was excited
to go on.  He was counting down the days.

Well, because there was so many extra bus children brought in, and it
started to sprinkle so the inflatables had to be
taken down early;  the church children never got their turn.
Later in the day, I asked Addan if he had a fun day.
He burst into tears saying he didn't get to go on the 
inflatable slide.  I was so sad for him, remembering him each 
night looking at the flyer with excitement.
It was a good lesson to teach him that life isn't always how
you hope.  Things always let you down.  Then try and focus on the
blessings you did receive!  I tried to point out the fun
he had with his friends,  the yummy cotton candy and the joy 
of seeing others have fun.  
Granted, I know it's a learning time for Addan but my heart
was very sad inside for my little guy!

After the church yard was picked up, we stayed and played volleyball with 
two other families! What fun times with friends!

We finally got home around 8pm, unloaded the van and grabbed some 
snacks and sat outside on the patio together.
What fun memories sitting and each of us 
sharing about the fun of the day.
As sky got dark, we headed inside and headed to bed.
What a fun weekend of lessons and memories together!

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