Friday, July 1, 2011

Hard Work Mulching

I love gardening but one job I don't
care for is mulching.
I so value the results of it but it really bothers my back.
It's the one job that I can guarantee a sore
back the night I'm done with it!

We're going away to teen camp next week.
 The garden has been very neglected and over grown with weeds lately.
I was determined to get it mulched today.

My fella got me a load of mulch from the lumber mill
down the road from us.
Most of the crew is off to camp and
my fella took Hunter to do a window job with him after they got the mulch.
So it was all me today. 
Oh man, I knew it was going to be an all day job.
So I took it slow.

When I got all done with spreading it,
I was so disappointed that it only covered about half of the garden!
I knew a week away would be real bad!
The weeds would take right over.

When my fella got home from his window job,
he commented he was going to mow the back field as it was very long.
YEAH,  I could finish my mulching job!

As he mowed in neat rows for me,
I began filling wheel barrels and spreading it on my garden.
It's a bit of a walk to the field and back to the garden but
it felt good to get the job done!

I finished the big vegetable garden before dark.
I hope to get the potato garden and the side garden done in the

What a blessing to get the job done and
it was free.

The only bad thing is the grass stains  your hands....

and your feet!

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