Saturday, July 23, 2011

Building, Badmitton, Bread and Butters and Blessings

A week in review. 
It's funny when you look back at the week,
the littlest things make the greatest memories.

This week has been VERY hot and humid!
It reminds me of when we lived in VA. 
The days there were even hotter than this week has been
and much more humid.
It wasn't a week of it there, but months.
I'm thankful for where we live now but love the memories
of the past places we've lived.

Monday was the cake day.
Our church is having a cake decorating class given
by a lady from our fellowship.
She's a very sweet lady doing this for us!

This was our second lesson.

It's always such a sweet time when you can get together
with friends and learn something new and
laugh together.

One poor friend dropped her finished cake as she
was loading it up. 


I followed my sister's directions for her
yummy zuchini bread and butter pickles another day.
They were SO very yummy!
I'm already thinking I need to do another batch,
one jar was devoured.


The project continued this week on our home.
Two days this week a youth group and a few
men came and gave of their time and labor.  What a blessing
to see people give of themselves
for us.
It's rather humbling!

It's beginning to look like a room.
We go out and stand in the room picturing how big the dining
room will become.  Thoughts of Thanksgiving
and us ALL fitting around the table is so nice.


Because it's been so hot this week,
my fella has been working lots in the early morning or real late
at night to avoid the heat.
It also makes him able to help when the workers are here
working on the addition.

The afternoon the workers didn't come, he took
 us to a friend's house to swim in their pond.
The friend's have left an open invitation to come as we please.
Of course, I wish they lived next door :)
but each time we come, they're soooo gracious, sweet and
hospitable!  They're DEAR friends!

I just love being in the water!
The boys are all great swimmers and have learned to love the water
as I do :)

"Here comes the Mule, who wants a ride!?!?!"

What a great afternoon/evening with friends!


And of course, our badmitton games.

I try SO hard to whoop my fella

only to lose in the end!
Our relationship started with competition
(ping-pong) and it hasn't ended!

What a great week!
I hope your week was filled with blessings and fond memories
with those you love most.
May the Lord bless you!

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